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XYZ Software Solutions has been founded on May 1998 in order to find quick, reliable and affordable solutions for the key challenges faced by E-Business companies.
Our main goal is to find out the real requirements of our clients and to develop innovative projects not only to solve their present problems, but also to prevent others that may arise in the future. We are aware of the fact that no company can live in current business environment without high customer satisfaction, so we take every project very seriously regardless of its size.
By offering both packaged and customized software products, XYZ Software provides latest e-commerce solutions for your business or organization needs.
In 7 years time we have worked on a lot of projects in various branches such as;
CRM Applications
Full ERP Solutions
Retail Managment Applications
E-Learning LMS Applications
Web Site Managment App.
SWF Creator Applications
Data Parsing Applications
POS Management Applications
Network Monitoring Tools

Let us think with you to solve your technological needs.
Our customer represantative team is ready for your call. Let them think with you in order to solve your problems. We are on several branches and also eager to learn and develop programs for the others.You can contact us by filling our contact form.
"A good technology is a technology that works for you"
Our developer team is working hard for the last 6 years in order to develop the programs that can challange time and user mistakes. We develop by the feedbacks you send to us and care for your real needs.You can contact our development department by filling our support form
We believe that supporting,teaching and adapting the products we have created is as important as developing them.
Our support team is working  24 hours, 7 days about your problems on our products. If you have a problem with one of our products just inform us. In 24 hours time a support member will contact you in order to solve your problem.
You can have more information about our technologies on our technology page.

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